Attention: All parents who send their children to Public, Private or Home School. This is an URGENT message you must read.                                  

"You're About To Discover The Shocking Truths The Public School System 
Refuses To Teach And Why Your Child Is Missing Out"

"My Kid's Youth Leadership Prep School
Costs Less Than A Tank of Gas!"

From: Amy Bass and
The Raise a Leader Team

Dear Parent,

    If you can imagine your child becoming a senator, congressman, lawyer, missionary, perhaps even a CEO, President or a leader of some kind... then this is the most important message you'll ever read.

    I don't mean to sound like an alarmist. But their future is being threatened right as we speak and I have proof. Keep reading and I'll share with you the information that the education system's lawyers are doing it's best to BAN and CENSOR your child from getting...

    You see... All Successful people know that education is the key. The only thing that really separates CEO's and the people working at McDonalds for $5 an hour is education.

    In fact your child is being educated by a system 200 years outdated that DESTROYs the potential for your child to become a leader and is designed to create yet another member of what they call the 'rat race.'
    Nobody speaks out about it... But I'm here to reveal...

"The Shocking Pitfalls, Mistakes
And Dangers Of The Public Education System
And How Your Child Could Be A Victim..."

    It seems every time you turn, the government pushes to make room for political correctness, irrelevant courses and outcome based education standards... while stripping away values and the necessary tools for crafting true leaders.

    In fact, you might even say, the public education system intends to teach your child to be an obedient employee rather than a leader. If you think about it, public education is meant to train the masses. The 'elite' want to reserve the leadership of our nation to their own children...

    I searched through hundreds of autobiographies and discovered that the vast majority of true powerful leaders throughout history: presidents, politicians, business leaders and the like... never went to public school. Yes, they went to private school. They had access to a REAL Classical Education that focused on:

How To Think   How to Inspire
Leadership   Values
Self-Reliance   Character
Patriotism   Responsibility
Courage   Fortitude
Creativity   Charisma

    Now don't you want that for your child?

    Of course you do. But private school is EX-PEN-SIVE. Tuition can range anywhere from $6-12,000 a year.

    And that's why America's rich folk, the "Elite Club," are able to raise leaders within their own ranks. And, in turn, control the country.

    Meanwhile, your child, along with the rest, are left behind... to be herded like sheep through the simple-minded public education system. 

"Don't Let Public Education
Dumb Down Your Child"

    You surely want the best education for your child. But perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the huge responsibility on your shoulders that you just don't know what to do next.

    Or maybe you are already struggling, trying your best to homeschool your child but want an easier and more effective way to make sure your child reaches his or her full potential.

    Listen, if you can homeschool your child, they'll have an advantage over most public school educated kids.

    But the sad thing is as a parent you probably went through the public system yourself. Chances are that you'll probably just re-teach the mind set you were taught... even though you just want to help.

    That's why the best way is for you to leave it to the experts. My team and I have spent hundreds of hours researching, testing and helping hundreds of parents.

    And I would like to share my solution...

    Hi, my name is Amy Bass. And I know what it feels like to have your child count on you for their future success.

    And I know from personal experience, the public educational system is a slippery slope.

    My own education consisted of both public and homeschool. I was amazed by the lack of "REAL" education in public school But even more so, by the immoral influences forced on you by peers.

    A parent's job is hard. You do your best to teach your children American Christian values, then hand them over to be molded by the government and "world."

    Sadly, it's not uncommon for children to come home from public school with ideals, opinions and morals that are completely different than their parents.

    So when I became a mother I began searching for...

"Affordable Access To A Revolutionary
Classical Christian-Based Leadership Program"

    I wanted my boy to make a difference in our country. To become a leader that our nation is desperately in need of. And to not let public school or "the world" get in his way.

    In my quest I remembered the story of George Washington. He grew up poor, in a single parent family and was considered "undereducated." Yet, became the first President of the United States of America.

    That got my interest. I researched George Washington's educational background and discovered he mostly taught himself using an "informal curriculum" that was popular in his day.

    The more I looked into this "informal curriculum" the more I realized that many great leaders used the same system... leaders like Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Jackson and so on.

    And that's when I discovered...

    A Hidden Back Door That Exposed a Revolutionary Classical Christian-Based Leadership Education.

    I eagerly called up a number of community members: parents, disillusioned teachers, and researchers to help me uncover this "True Leadership Education" in full.

    After investing a tremendous amount of time, money, energy and hard work, together we have developed the:

"Most Powerful Leadership Training
Program Since the 1700s!"

    If you are interested in discovering the long forgotten leadership secrets that catapulted famous leaders like Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc and other great men and women into our history books... and how they can give your child a life of prosperity, success and happiness... then read on, you won't want to miss out on this!

    We proudly call it the "Raise A Leader" Program.

    First we used this powerful system on our own children and saw AMAZING results almost immediately… After a few short months even my six year old was excited about preparing for his future and his role in serving God and Country.

    And as we excitedly watched our children transform into promising future leaders, it hit us...

    We had uncovered a SECRET WEAPON To Reclaim A First Rate Classical Christian-Based Leadership Education For Children Across The Country.

    Here's Why:

"Raise A Leader" is an easy to use Internet based program. Anyone can access it. All you need is an Internet connection and an email address.
Each month (from the date you sign up) a new "Raise A Leader" instruction manual is available to you in the members area, organized into 5 lessons per week, 30 minutes each. These lessons are easy to implement and can be completed anytime; morning, noon or night.
Parents literally need no prior knowledge and are walked through the curriculum, step-by-step. They're also given powerful dialogues that can be used as guides for leading discussions with their children. Click here for a free sample lesson.
Parents and children have access to the "Raise A Leader Online Treasure Trove" where a continuous stream of new reports, ebooks and video will regularly be available. 
Plus, parents receive lots of additional support through the "Raise A Leader" online forum and unlimited one-on-one personal coaching.

    The "Raise A Leader" curriculum is based on the same "leadership education" that many of our founding fathers were brought up on
and covers all the components of a Classical Christian Education including:

Christian Values and Virtue
Character Building
Classical Literature
Leadership Simulations
American History, Government and Patriotism
Humility and Charity
Service and Industry
Public Speaking and Writing
Self-Government and Independent Thinking

    Basically "Raise A Leader" lights the path for your child to become as GREAT and POWERFUL in spirit, mind, speech and writing as our founding fathers.

    As your child grows into a young adult, we'll be on hand to answer any questions and walk you through the entire process. Whatever it takes. We will work very closely with you, coaching you and teaching you everything you need to know, so you too can become part of this revolutionary education process.

    But that's not all!

"We Will Help Place Your Child
In Powerful Leadership Positions!"

    Business and local governments are literally begging for young men and women who are trained in the art of true leadership. We are working tirelessly to foster relationships with these companies and government agencies... to supply our graduates with internships and other positions... enabling them to enter the business world and in higher government arenas where their voices can be heard!

    Soon you'll see the emerging growth of your child's character, integrity and willingness to be a positive influence in your home and among his/her peers.

    Imagine your child, full of wisdom... courage... strength and righteousness. Ready to take on not only their own challenges in life, but also actively seeking out a quest for excellence.

    Ready to fight without fear or thoughts for self... but willing to move forward with faith in the Almighty... placing God and his/her country first and foremost.

"The Students In The "Raise A Leader" Program Will Become Revolutionary Leaders..."

    ...Best-Selling Authors, Award-Winning Journalists, Public Speakers, Statesmen, Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Powerful Political Leaders. The sky is the limit.

    The demand for leadership is so great, and so necessary to the success of this nation.

    We need leaders that can move forward with faith and determination... to lead lives that are virtuous and bring back to our society the elements of greatness on which it was founded... under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

    Our children have the tremendous opportunity to stand up in every arena in their life, for the virtues that will make our lives as individuals, the lives of our families, as well as our society, strong, unyielding, and vibrant.    

"Don't Leave Your Child's
Future In The Hands Of The Government"

    In public education, the classics have been replaced with dry text books... mentors replaced with teachers that have very little time for their students... and Christian values have been replaced with immorality...

    Young adults have been replaced with teenagers... Opportunities for leadership have been replaced with more time in front of the television. 

    They think they have control of YOUR children and their futures... I say they are WRONG!

    We are raising up against immorality and corruption. We are going to place righteous men and women into powerful positions of both government and business.

    In the "Raise A Leader" program your child will be prepared to take the leap out of the "eagle's nest" and soar to heights unimaginable. Your child will be an independent thinker leading mainstream society towards a better future. 

Become an Exclusive Member
"Access To A Truly Remarkable Youth Leadership
And Classical Education Has Never Been EASIER!"

    Everything in the "Raise A Leader" program is laid out in easy-to-follow step-by-step detail giving you more time to concentrate on what is important, your child. We will literally walk with you hand-in-hand through the entire process as you unlock the hidden potential that is deep within your son or daughter.

    And I'd like to be your personal 'mentor' guiding you on your journey. The "Raise A Leader" team will always be here to support you and answer any and all of your questions along the way.

    And don't forget about the "Raise A Leader" online forum where you will be able to build friendships and communicate with other parents and leaders.

    This Is Not Just A Classical Leadership Program, It's An Entire Support Network.

    Let your child become part of a new generation of brave, brilliant, charismatic and moral leaders who only fear God and not the judgments of man.

    Here's a tremendous opportunity for all of us to reach out beyond the hopes and goals of wealth and worldly success, we have the opportunity to build and strengthen others, to make a difference, making this world a better place to live... to be a beacon of light.

"Every Year America's Elite Pay
Tens of Thousands Of Dollars For This"

    Now let me ask you a personal question... How much would the brilliant strategies behind the highest caliber leaders in history... presented in easy-to-implement lessons... be worth to you?

    Especially if you could easily duplicate their success and accomplishments with your own children?

    How much would you be willing to invest to give your child the edge... to teach your children how to win in both politics and business? Most importantly, how to fight for liberty and what is right...?

    We already know that this type of education is worth tens of thousands of dollars to America's "Elite Club." 

    But I wouldn't dream of charging tens of thousands, not even thousands!

    Sure, I poured my blood, sweat and tears into this program. But I didn't do it for profit. I did it for my children, for your children and for the future of our nation. 

    In fact, my team and I are willing to work for next to nothing to make available the resources necessary to carry out our mission of revolutionizing the leadership of our nation.

"Why Raise a Leader MAY Not 
Be What You're Looking For"

    Listen I'm serious. If you are one of those parents who thinks our Constitution is out dated and we need to move on to a more "progressive" government then leave this page right now because this is not for you.

    If you are one of those people who believe that values and morals can be changed around whenever you want... this isn't for you.

    If you are not committed to really making a difference in your child's life or if you plan to join and do nothing with it, then you will just be wasting your time as a member.

"Make Sure Your Child Is One
Of The First 250 To Enroll!"

    If your child is one of the first 250 to enroll in the "Raise A Leader" Program, we'll only ask that you join at $19.97 a month. You can secure your child's success for pennies a day!

    Now, if you're FAST - and I mean, you act NOW, today, you should have no problem securing a $19.97 spot. 

    But if you miss out... We are going to be increasing that amount to $29.97 a month for the remaining student spots.


    Because the "Raise A Leader" team can only handle so many students. As you can imagine, personally giving unlimited, one-on-one support and training I must severely limit the number of students I can accept at $19.97 a month. So, naturally, as "Raise A Leader" grows we will need additional resources.

    But, the investment at this EXACT MOMENT is $19.97. So HURRY and sign up to secure the $19.97 rate for yourself.

    And no need to even second guess your decision to enroll immediately because today I can offer you something you'd be insane to miss...

"Try It All Out For A Full
7 Days For Only $4.97!"

    Listen, I want you to say YES and try it out right now. I want your opinion and know that what I have to share is like nothing you've ever seen before.

    That's why you only pay $4.97 for the first week and then $19.97 each month. Of course, you can cancel any time by sending me an email. Click Here to Get Your 7 Day Trial...

"I Put All The Risk On My Shoulders"

When you sign up for "Raise A Leader" today, there is absolutely no risk because your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

If, for ANY reason you decide that raising your child to be a powerful leader is not for you, then no problem...

Just send me an email, within 8 weeks of receipt and I will refund you in full.
Every cent without any fuss.

    And remember, 8 weeks is not only enough time for you to actually test this out... it's enough time to see a dramatic improvement in your child too!

    So now you have nothing to lose. I want you to have total peace of mind by moving forward now to seize something which finally, is the answer to your prayers.

    The second you read through our lesson manual you'll just know this is for real... your gut instinct is always right.

    So ACT NOW! Simply click the button below to reserve your $19.97 membership.

       I greatly look forward to being a part of you and your child's life and getting to know you both one-on-one during this powerful process. A new dawn awaits... Click the button below to start.

Join Now
    Thank you for reading,

    P.S. In my easy-to-follow program, you can reclaim your child's education from the government and provide them with a Revolutionary Classical Christian-Based Leadership Education.

    "Raise a Leader" is based on the same system that great leaders such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Jackson and many others were brought up on.

    And now your child can follow in their footsteps... and take the government and business world by storm. After all, it's a parent's civic and Christian duty to raise children who'll provide great leadership for our nation.

And remember, "Raise A Leader" only has 250 spots at the $19.97 rate. After that we'll need additional resources and so the remaining student spots will be $29.97 a month. So act now while you can still get the $19.97 rate!

10 years from now your child could be on the way to a well paying career, have a young family, gain recognition and respect across the world. Or they could be just another person working for a boss. Is your child not worth $19.97 month?

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